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How to Set Up A Leg Club

setupHelp is freely available for anyone wishing to set up a new Leg Club.

Click here to download a chart on how to set up a Leg Club.

In the first instance, presentations for nurses and nurse managers can be arranged on request, to explain the process and answer their questions.

Guidance on choice of venue, volunteer teambuilding, fundraising, equipment needs etc. will be provided by nurses experienced in running Leg Clubs. Standards, guidelines and documentation will be explained, and prospective Leg Club leads will have the opportunity to visit working Leg Clubs to see them in action and talk to staff and patients. The Leg Club network also organises regular specialist wound care training and update events for its members.

It is of vital importance that standards are established and maintained to ensure the success of Leg Clubs throughout the network. To attain Leg Club status, an annual clinical audit in practice will be undertaken to verify infrastructure, procedures and documentation. The audit tool provides an evidence-based framework to examine the service provided within the Leg Club and the management policies, which are in operation.

Only accredited centres may use the registered Leg Club® name and symbol.

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