Heidi Tickner

Heidi is a business manager for H&R Healthcare Ltd, a UK based company which supplies innovative and cost-effective clinical products to the NHS. Since joining H&R Healthcare Ltd in 2016 she has worked with numerous NHS partners on strategic projects aimed at improving patient outcomes and held a variety of training and education roles.

Following RN (Adult) qualification in 2000, Heidi began a career in community nursing which sparked an enduring interest and passion for wound care. She went on to complete a Community Specialist Practitioner degree and worked as a District Nurse team leader until 2007 when she moved into industry.

Heidi maintained her clinical skills and has an honorary contract (supported by H&R Healthcare Ltd) with her local NHS Trust as a Tissue Viability Nurse, working in both hospital and community settings since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heidi has a 27 year old son, as well as three nieces and a nephew who live nearby and are more often at her house than their own. She is also a huge animal lover, owns three dogs and volunteers for UK German Shepherd Rescue in her spare time.