Find a Leg Club® near you

Find a Leg Club® near you

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"I had no idea what to expect, but a friendly welcome awaited me. Members can chat together, share experiences and encourage each other. For some it is their one outing of the week. My legs are not in need of treatment at the moment, but I still visit the Club for a cup of tea and a chat with new friends."


Cynthia, Mottingham Leg Club

Event listing

EPUAP 2019 Annual Meeting

18 - 20 Sep 2019
The conference theme is:

Pressure ulcer prevention without frontiers.

Main topics will cover:
  • Pressure ulcer pathology – what can we learn from research
  • Emerging technologies and early pressure ulcer detection:
  • Identifying patients at risk – linking theory with practice
  • Guidelines to inform pressure ulcer prevention – the work of the 2019 GGG
  • Personalised pressure ulcer patient care pathways
  • Overcoming barriers to pressure ulcer prevention – learning from the experience across different countries
  • Special populations and pressure ulcer prevention  - focussed on palliative care
  • The impact of education on pressure ulcer prevention and management: the patient and the healthcare team
  • Pain management and pressure ulcer prevention
  • Patient safety and advocacy for pressure ulcer prevention
  • Pressure ulcers as key performance indicators: what are the implications for PU care?
  • Pressure ulcer prevention among the younger population
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers complications
  • Pressure ulcer prevention and care in West African countries
  • Telemedicine and pressure ulcer prevention – striving for no frontiers

Service Collaboration to Improve Ulcer Care, Birmingham

24 Sep 2019
Ulcer Care event

Working together to develop standardised wound care services to tackle variation, improve time to heal and reduce amputations. 

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The 19th Annual Leg Club Conference

25 - 26 Sep 2019

Worcester Rugby Club, 25th & 26th September 2019
Person Centred Care A Question of Balance?

Over the years, the Leg Club conference has grown into an arena and venue for those developing and improving wound management. The annual Leg Club conference is a platform for networking and sharing important knowledge.

At the Leg Club conference, you will meet new-thinkers in wound management who question old thoughts and have courage to try new things. To find new solutions, we need to look at the existing problems with new eyes.

2019 British Lymphology Society Conference, Staffordshire

07 - 08 Oct 2019

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ATTWC The 2nd World Conference on Advanced Treatments & Technologies in Wound Care, Dusseldorf, Germany

24 - 25 Oct 2019
Prof. Amit Gefen
Congress Chair

Program Highlights

Data Analyses for Pressure Ulcer in Abu Dhabi
Gulnaz TariqPresident Elect of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, UAE

Every Wound Tells a Story - Challenges of Conducting Clinical Trials with Patients Living with or at Risk of Chronic Wounds
Nicola WatersThompson Rivers University, Canada

Advanced Technologies in the Daily Practice of Wound and Ostomy Care Clinician
Rose Raizman, Scarborough Health Network Centenary Hospital, Canada

How Compression Bandage Generates Pressure? A Biomechanical Approach
Jérôme MolimardEcole Mines Saint-Etienne, France

Applications of 3D Scanning and 3D Printing Technology for Pressure Injury Prevention
Jessica SparksMiami University in Oxford, USA

Support Surface Performance Standards and their Clinical Relevance 
David BrienzaUniversity of Pittsburgh, USA

Novel Bioengineering Technologies for Accelerating Wound Healing
Daphne WeihsTechnion Institute of Technology, Israel

Preventing Medical Device-Related Pressure Ulcers in the Adult and Pediatric Populations Through Bioengineering Innovation
Amit GefenTel Aviv University, Israel

Efficacy Evaluation of Cosmetic Skin Care Products
Ning PanUniversity of California at Davis, USA

Topical Skin Care to Improve the Structural Strength of Aging Skin
Jan KottnerCharite Medical University, Germany

Basic Concepts of Intraoperative Acquired Pressure Injury Prevention Measures in the Operating Room
Norihiko OhuraKyorin University Tokyo, Japan

Towards Mitigating Pressure Injuries: Technology Based Rehabilitation 
Sharon GabisonKITE, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - UHN, University of Toronto, Canada

A Prognostic Tool for Hypertrophic Scar Formation Based on Fundamental Differences in Systemic Immunity
Sue GibbsFree University of Amsterdam Medical Centre, Netherlands

A Multi-Scale Computational Tool to Assist Wound Care
Fred VermolenDelft University of Technology, Netherlands

Wounds UK Annual Conference

04 - 06 Nov 2019
Wounds UK annual conference is being held on the 4th - 6th November 2019 at the Harrogate Conference Centre.

This three day event delivers a full range of unrivalled branding and networking opportunites.

Additional meetings held alongside the conferene is Wound Care for Practice Nurses on the 4th November and Foot in Diabetes UK (FDUK) Annual conference which is on the 5th November. Both events are at Harrogate Conference Centre.

7th Annual Meeting Houston - International Society of Pediatric Wound Care - ISPeW

14 - 15 Nov 2019

Call for Abstract is open!  Regular Abstract Submission Deadline: August 30 2019

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World Union of Wound Healing Society’s 2020 Conference

08 - 12 Mar 2020
WUWHS 2020 will offer an extensive scientific program including numerous symposia, training sessions, workshops and focus sessions with leading international experts in the field of wound management.  The WUWHS 2020 will be an important moment of cultural unity, an essential scientific round-table and professional exchange for wound care specialists from around the world.

One of the precise objectives of WUWHS 2020 is to promote in a greater collaboration and cooperation of all the Scientific Wound Care Societies around the world who have passion in caring wounds as their main mission.

In addition, it serves as guide to develop and implement projects to strengthen the central role of the WUWHS which needs to become more of a worldwide scientific point of reference and a standard for innovation and translational research into the management of skin wounds together with the improvement of the quality of life of afflicted patients and their families.

The 6th World Congress to be held in Abu Dhabi is from the 8th to the 12th of March 2020. The conference venue is the award winning Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) which provides ample and flexible space for the Congress of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies.