Ben Kraal PhD

Ben Kraal PhDSchool of Design, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Information presentation specialist, Research Fellow in Human-Centered Design

Ben's background is in computer science with a special interest in Human-Computer Interaction, which is the study of how people use computers and technology. Before joining academia Ben helped create applications and databases that allowed non-profit organisations to make better use of their data by turning data into strategically valuable information.

In his role as a consultant to the Leg Club Foundation Ben has created a simple database that can be used to collect and collate anonymised member data from the Leg Clubs. This data can then be summarised, combining thousands of individual data-points to produce information that can lead to insights about the success of the Leg Club model.

As a Researcher in Human-Centered Design, Ben has an interest in how people use products that require significant expertise to understand and make useful. His previous research has focussed on Computer Speech Recognition software for injured people. His current research includes work on how Nurses use and understand compression therapy and related products and devices.