Ann Gilchrist

Ann GilchristA hospitality industry professional, Ann has had the privilege of living and working in many countries around the world, including Spain, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, India as well as the U.K. 

She has experience of working with charitable foundations for impoverished children in India, and received a commendation from Baroness Amos in her capacity as Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs, for her services as a support volunteer helping affected British families and friends in the immediate wake of the first Bali bombing in 2002. 

Her specialisation is the implementation, development and management of customer-facing departments and structures, and with an honours degree in Psychology, she is particularly focused on the delivery of superior customer experiences that are efficient, informative and of benefit to the client.

Ann will use her experience to help develop the Patient/Member area of the Foundation, expanding upon the information and resources currently available. She hopes in this way to reach more people with leg ailments as well as raise awareness and garner the support of a greater number of industry professionals and bodies.

Her interests include television - an industry in which she also has working experience; music - Ann has played viola to performance standard with a number of orchestras; literature; food and wine.