Ann Gilchrist

Ann GilchristAnn is a hospitality industry veteran with top-level management experience after many years of living and working overseas, predominantly within Asia Pacific.  Having also worked with charities and been a volunteer during this time, she took the opportunity presented on her return to the UK to redirect her focus to not-for-profit concerns.

She acted as a Trustee for the Leg Club for the period of two years from 2015-2017, using her previous expertise in the creation of superior customer experiences to help with the development of the Leg Club website. This involved close liaison with Leg Club Industry Partners.
Having an existing relationship with the charity Christel House, being a Charity Ambassador while stationed in Goa, India, she also picked up on her relationship with the charity to assume the position of European Director of Development between 2016-2018. Christel House currently has learning centres in India, South Africa, and the U.S. where the charity is headquartered. All operate with a collective mission to break the cycle of poverty by providing a full-time education to children living in the most impoverished of conditions.
Ann supports other ad hoc charitable causes through Halcyon Management, a collaboration set up by Ann and her husband, Peter.  Most recently, Halcyon completely redesigned the website of a local animal rescue which they also maintain.
Post Ann’s tenure as a Trustee, she and Halcyon Management remain committed Friends of the Leg Club, invested in being of help where they can.