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CD Medical

Founded in 2003, in the Northwest of England, CD Medical are proud to supply innovative and cost-effective medical products across wound care, dermatology, continence, and stoma care.

From our innovative spray-on emollient Emollin®, to our market leading sterile saline pod system Irripod®, our products are designed to improve patient outcomes and assist the health care professional. 


CD Medical’s commitment to innovation has even been recognised by the British Skin Foundation, providing their stamp of approval for our spray-on emollient Emollin.


Our current product range includes:


Irrigation & Cleansing


Irripod® Sterile Normal Saline

Stericlens® Sterile Saline Spray


Dermatology & Skin Integrity


Emollin® Emollient Spray


Peeleasy® Medical Adhesive Remover Wipes

Peeleasy® Medical Adhesive Remover Spray


Clinifilm® Barrier Film Spray

Clinifilm® Barrier Film Wipes

Clinifilm® Barrier Cream


To request a copy of our product portfolio, get in touch through our contact page.