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H&R Healthcare

Who we are

H&R Healthcare is a UK distributor supplying innovative and quality medical products to the NHS.  Our specialist team is committed to supporting customers who treat and care for people suffering with problems of the lower limb and associated conditions.


Education and support

We are passionate about education and training and we offer a wide range of support materials for clinicians, carers and patients. 

The areas supported by our specialist team include:

  • Compression and Lymphoedema
  • Exudate management
  • Infection control
  • Wound management
  • Bespoke educational tools
  • Pathway development

One of H&R Healthcare’s key objectives, particularly during the ongoing pandemic is supporting patients in managing their wounds and conditions.  Visit the Self care page on our website for downloadable, easy to use patient information and guides.


Treatments and products

We provide a variety of treatments and solutions for patients with problems relating to the lower limb and chronic leg wounds:

  •        Kliniderm, a range of high quality dressings for all wound types.
  •        PolyMem, a unique dressing, designed to facilitate healing, relieve pain and reduce inflammation whilst also soothing sensitive skin.
  •        Bio Compression Systems is a gradient, sequential pneumatic compression device that offers treatment for swelling and Lymphoedema, at home or in a clinical setting.
  •        AndoFlex TLC is a two-layer, latex free compression system designed to manage leg ulcers and other related conditions Clinicians, can achieve perfect application every time using the visual indicators.
  •        Steve+ is a device to aid the application and removal of compression garments for users with reduced mobility.

Visit our Compression Therapy and Accessories product range.

Visit our Advanced Wound Care product range.