Leg Clubs on the move with Mr Motivator

Mr Motivator

Leg Clubs on the Move with Mr Motivator every Wednesday at 6:30pm

The exercise class will be live each Wednesday at 6.30pm on Facebook. Please see below to register for the free Wednesday class and you will receive a Facebook link to join the event.

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The exercise class will be live on Facebook and Zoom every Wednesday at 6:30. Please see details below:

Facebook - You will need an account to access it. (If you do not have one, you can set up an account here: www.facebook.com) To join the event, visit: fb.me/e/VUHHsrw3

Zoom - Visit: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86975702803?pwd=SUIwZi8xUEtPaEhzendBMy9FcUl6dz09 and use the password: MR123W

We are delighted to have the support of Mr Motivator, who together with Dr Kathy Fulcher Irelands leading Health, Fitness & Nutrition Consultant and a team of qualified instructors and experts to bring, not just exercise, but all aspects of wellbeing, to a wider audience through the Mr Motivator Club website. Mr Motivator has dedicated his own time to putting together a series of short exercise workouts, which you can find in the links below. All these exercises are designed to improve blood flow, circulation and increase heart efficiency, important aspects that have been clinically proven to benefit lower leg conditions.

About Mr. Motivator

Derrick Evans, AKA Mr Motivator blasted into the health and wellness scene in the 1990s, bringing his lycra-clad workouts to our TV screens. His fitness DVDs sold millions worldwide and he soon became a household name. He is still working in the industry and has turned his attention to "the forgotten groups". Mr Evans said he markets his fitness program as being a bit of fun rather than serious exercise and wears his eye-catching outfits as no one will remember an instructor wearing plain black shorts. "I maintain that if you have a sunny disposition if you smile at the world, they're going to smile back at you," Derrick was awarded an MBE for his services to health and wellbeing in the UK. During Lockdown he & his wife Palmer ran free online classes and these classes continue today. Every Wednesday at 6.30 he teams up with a partner and we are delighted to announce that from Wednesday the 30th June the Leg Club will be supporting this free class and inviting you to join.

About the Motivation Club

In late 2020 Derrick launched the Motivation Club. An online platform where members can access 100s of short fun workouts, delicious recipes, 4 live classes with Derrick per week, and much more. As part of the Leg Club on the Move with Mr Motivator initiative, there are a number of Leg Club-sponsored exercieses that have been added to the Motivation Club.

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