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Leaving a legacy

We Asked Our Friends, Partners and Trustees......What is a Leg Club?

Leg Club Volunteers

Anyone can volunteer to help with a Leg Club and our volunteers are the backbone of the Leg Club model. As a volunteer you will have the support of the Leg Club Foundation to help you understand what is expected of you and how the Leg Club model works. All we need is people with enthusiasm and energy who can help create a welcoming atmosphere at their local Leg Club.
At each Leg Club community nursing teams work with local volunteers to set up a Leg Club committee. This committee uses local community-based facilities (such as a community centre, village or church hall) to establish the Leg Club. Local businesses are often recruited to work with the committee, such as transport companies, designers and printers.
Volunteers organise fundraising events and are also involved in patient registers and documentation. Some of our volunteers are now helping to put together newsletters, questionnaires, general information, fundraising letters and information leaflets.  Many volunteer committees have successfully applied for substantial awards from the National Lottery.