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Information for registered members of the Leg Club Foundation Charity

Over the last few years the Foundation has grown significantly and we have seen a great deal of success in raising awareness of the Leg Club model.  If you are interested in promoting and supporting the charity’s objectives one way you can do so is to become a Foundation member.
There are currently four different categories of Foundation membership: 

  1. Representative Members: Each Leg Club has the right to nominate one person to represent it as a member of the Foundation. 
  2. Corporate Members: Each Leg Club Industry Partner has the right to nominate one person to represent it as a member of the Foundation. 
  3. Trustee Members:  Any individual appointed to the board automatically becomes a member. 
  4. Individual Members: Any member of the public interested in becoming involved with the Foundation’s work either in a professional or personal capacity is welcome to apply to become a member of the Foundation. 

The most important right of Foundation members is to attend and vote at Annual General Meetings (AGM’s). Each member regardless of their category of membership has one vote and issues are decided on a majority basis. This includes voting for our trustees, so you can have a direct say in choosing the people who steer what we do.
Each member is entitled to receive at least 21 days clear written notice of the AGM and such notice will specify the business to be discussed. 

Amendment of Articles - 25 September 2020
Due to exceptional circumstances regarding face to face meetings an amended resolution to the Articles has been sent to all registered members

Annual General Meeting 2024 - Notice is hereby given that the 18th Annual General Meeting of The LIndsay Leg Club foundation will be held fat 12.00 on Tuesday 9 July 2024. Registered members of The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation are entitled ot vote, if you wish to attend please email Lynn Bullock, 

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