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The Covid 19 pandemic and resulting lockdown exacerbated loneliness and isolation for many people. The impact from this on a person's physical and mental health can be huge. It affects people of all ages but the more mature are particularly vulnerable as many live on their own and family and friends have not been able to visit. 

AD INTEGRUM Vascular and Wound Care  Read more on this exciting new venture with Mr Lukla Biasi, Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Dr Jemell Geraghty PDF. Watch the introductory video.

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The Pottiest Leg Club



Public Venous Awareness

During the 2019 January v-WINter Foundation meeting, held in Cortina, Italy the University of Ferrara e-learning media service created (not for profit) educational vidoes for professionals and the public. Each video has been endorsed by the vWIN Foundation.

Here Ellie Lindsay talks about: Public venous disease: why should we all know about it?

Understanding infection