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Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew Advanced Wound Management provides high quality products, medical education and services supporting initial wound bed preparation through to full wound closure, enabling better outcomes for patients and healthcare systems.

With a wide portfolio of wound care products targeting chronic and acute wounds, we take a pioneering approach to the design of our products and services and strive to secure wider access to our technologies for more customers.

Wound care solutions

Wound management can be a complex treatment area, with chronic wounds, acute wounds and surgical wounds each having their own characteristics; but wounds, much like the people affected by them, need to be treated on an individual basis.

At Smith & Nephew we strive to secure wide access to our advanced wound care solutions by making our product portfolio available, accessible and cost effective to the world’s constantly evolving healthcare systems.

With solutions for wound prevention, initial wound bed preparation, though to full wound closure, supported by a continual stream of pioneering product development, we’re working hard to support your management of those affected by wounds, enabling better outcomes for your patients, and your budgets.

Smith & Nephew have products covering:

Chronic wounds – including the ALLEVYN◊ family of dressings and DURAFIBER.

Infection Management – including the ACTICOAT◊ family, IODOSORB◊ and IODOFLEX◊.
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy – including PICO Negative Pressure Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), The PICO◊ System and RENASYS◊

Bioactives – including Collagenase SANTYL◊ ointment, REGRANEX◊ Gel and the OASIS® family.
View more information about the range of advanced wound management products from Smith & Nephew.