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Leg Club Video

This is a short video introducing the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation, and giving an insight into what happens within the Leg Clubs.

The Best Foot Forward Leg Club

"The Leg Club at the Adam Practice has probably been the most transformative piece of work and improvement in service delivery that I have seen in the past 25+ years of practice. I do not think any of the partners quite anticipated the impact that it could make for this particular group of patients. Historically leg ulcer treatment, particularly in the practice treatment rooms was time intensive, often frustrating, hard to fit in and had outcomes that were slow to achieve and often relapsed soon after healing. In the context of the Leg Club, ‘cohort’ care (for want of a better expression) delivered out of the practice, by a full range of nursing team members working together, sharing ideas and best practice, has had a huge impact. Healing rates have improved, patients have moved from a place of isolation to being part of something bigger, and are not ‘kicked out’ of the Club when legs are healed. Furthermore, the pressure to find treatment room appointments for routine care has improved with the ‘hour long’ appointments no longer being required in house. The care has largely been delivered by our own nursing staff but Community nursing colleagues have also been involved, so the opportunity for more integrated working is being realised. A large and devoted volunteer team has developed, fund-raising events and fun activities take place on a regular basis, and the club simply seems to go from strength to strength.
To make it happen it has needed inspirational leadership, our lead nurse Clare Mechen being a key point leader in this regard, but as she most emphatically will say it is about team, team work, a shared vision and a removal of stigma, which in the past so often characterised individuals with leg ulcers. The Club and volunteers have fully deserved the accolades they have received, and if their work can inspire others to set up Leg Clubs they will be delighted. Good luck if you are thinking of doing it-you won’t look back!"


Dr Patrick Seal, Executive Partner


"As a former District Nurse I know how difficult it is to provide effective, consistent leg care in the community. So when I found out about Leg Clubs it all made perfect sense because they address the way we deliver leg care, encouraging collaborative working and patient empowerment which in turn is working towards better outcomes. You only have to visit a Leg Club and the evidence is all there."


Dot Bithell, Tissue Viability Nurse at Hereford PCT