Carol McIntyre

Carol McIntyreCarol is a retired community staff nurse. After qualifying and a period working in a hospital environment, she became a community staff nurse on Ellie Lindsay’s team and worked with her until she left the NHS.

She first met Ellie when she was a nursing student on community placement and returned for a second period eighteen months later. In the interval Ellie had launched the first Leg Club.  

Carol was able to observe first-hand the care and treatment of those same patients that she had previously seen at home, in the social environment that the Leg Club provided. The benefits of the social care model to the members, many of whom lived alone, were immediately obvious, as were those for the nursing staff in terms of peer support and training.

She was subsequently involved in the development of the Clubs clinical documentation, which is so important to its work, and the launch of the second Leg Club. As the Leg Club concept grew and others were started Carol visited and worked in some of them, and after retiring she was involved in auditing for a short time.

 She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and dog, with their son and his family close by. She enjoys gardening and handicrafts such as patchwork.