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When should I seek help?

When should I seek immediate care?

  • Your wound gets larger and more painful.
  • You have a fever.
  • You have a thin, gray-brown discharge coming from your infected skin area.
  • You feel a crackling under your skin when you touch it.
  • You have purple dots or bumps on your skin, or you see bleeding under your skin.
  • You have new swelling and pain in your legs.
  • You have sudden trouble breathing or chest pain.
  • The red, warm, swollen area gets larger.
  • You see red streaks coming from the infected area.
  • You feel weak and dizzy.

When should I contact my healthcare provider?

  • Your fever or pain does not go away or gets worse.
  • You have questions or concerns about your condition or care.
  • Your symptoms are not improving after 3 days

If you would like more information about cellulitis speak to the person delivering your healthcare. You can also look at

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