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Our purpose
Transforming Care.
Transforming Lives
We have been committed to making life easier for the NHS and patients since 1957. In doing so, we have been transforming the lives of patients living with wounds.
At Coloplast, we believe that to transform means to simplify practice; to make life easier for you and your patients.
What could simplified practice look like to you? What could it mean for your patients?1
  • Avoidance of filler user: 49% savings on treatment costs
  • Up to 23% increased wear time, supporting reduced visits.
  • Simplified infection pathway and ONPOS: 66% reduction in silver filler spend
  • Time savings through supported shared care: equivalent to 23 weeks of district nurse time per year
1 Jones. L, 2020. (JCN), Vol 34, No 1

The Coloplast approach to simplifying wound management consists of just 3 steps

Whether your patient’s wound is simple or harder to heal, these 3 steps will provide a strong framework to simplify your practice.
Simplifying wound management

The Coloplast 3 Step Approach

Assessment is paramount in defining treatment objectives. The Triangle of Wound Assessment is a simple, holistic framework that allows practitioners to assess and manage all areas of the wound, the wound bed, edge and periwound skin
Wound preparation of the wound bed, edge and periwound skin is key to remove the barriers to healing, creating an optimal healing environment.
A portfolio of dressings to manage a wound of any depth and stage of healing is required.
Visit Coloplast Professional for further information: http://coloplast.to/legclub