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Leg Club Industry Partners (LCIP)

Leg Club Industry PartnersThe Leg Club Industry Partnership is a highly effective alliance between the healthcare industry and the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation. After many successful years this alliance can be summarised by a simple maxim:

“Empowering patients through a unique collaboration with industry dedicated to lower limb conditions”.

This is achieved by:

  • Advocating evidence based care in a non-medical social environment to Leg Club members (patients), volunteers and communities;
  • Raising awareness of preventative care relating to all aspects of lower limb disease;
  • Ensuring that all socio-economic groups are given access to “well leg” management The LCIP structure enables our corporate partners to be active within the Foundation and Leg Club network. Since our corporate partnership model began we have been able to develop a collaborative philanthropic approach to educational marketing and effective communications strategies. Activities have ranged from providing educational grants (enabling the Foundation to produce public health information) to industry¹s active participation in the Leg Club conference workshops and the production of an innovative online teaching programme available via our website¹s Leg Club Learning Zone.

The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation would like to thank the following companies for their invaluable support and encouragement. It has made an immense difference to the Leg Clubs’ work and we would like to express our gratitude and pride in our association with our industry partnership members:

If you are already an LCIP partner, click the "LCIP Secure Login" button below to access the secure members site:

If you want to find out how you can join the Leg Club Industry Partnership and make an impact, contact:  lynn.bullock@legclubfoundation.com

Leg Club video

This is a short video introducing the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation, and giving an insight into what happens within the Leg Clubs.

Useful LCIP documents

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Advanced Medical Solutions

"Advanced Medical Solutions has partnered with the Lindsay Leg Club since 2013. Our membership is important to us as together we can strive towards treating leg ulcers with a patient orientated approach. During the annual programme we participate in the conference where we facilitate the workshops for presenting key experts, this aligns with our ActivHeal approach to delivering credible education that nurses may not otherwise have access to. Membership also provides access to clinicians we may otherwise be unable to meet with this and has been particularly useful in Wales."


"ConvaTec are passionate about improving people's lives and put people at the centre of everything we do. The Leg Club Foundation provide invaluable support helping patients live their best lives, and we are proud to be an Industry partner to support the Leg Club model in their mission of increased positive outcomes for people living with leg ulceration."


"Essity are very proud of the partnership we have with The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation. The many volunteers and clinicians who work at the Leg Club provide an invaluable service to people suffering from leg ulcers and he associated conditions.  We chose to become a Leg Club Industry Partner based on the positive impact the foundation has on patients' lives"

Haddenham Healthcare

"Haddenham Healthcare are proud to support the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation to raise awareness of the importance of life long leg health. The partnership enables an effective working relationship between our industry and the foundation, to enhance the continuing care of the patient with leg problems by the sharing of research and innovations in the management of leg conditions."

H&R Healthcare

H&R Healthcare have supported the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation since its inception, with a passion for improving patient outcomes and encouraging self-care when appropriate, we are aligned in our goals for the future of lower limb management. The positive impact the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation has made on healing and empowering individuals to take ownership of their care and reduce the stigma attached to their condition is inspiring.

The former owner of H&R Healthcare, Mike Hoskins, is also a Trustee and Chair of the charity.

Lohmann & Rauscher

"Lohmann & Rauscher are proud to support the Leg Clubs with their inspirational ethos of compassionate,
patient led care. Lohmann & Rauscher are experts in lower limb care. Our nationwide teams provide training and education on  compression therapy and wound care. Like the Leg Club, we are motivated by knowing we make a real difference to patients with leg ulcers."

medi UK

"medi UK are proud to be a long standing Corporate Partner with the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation whose work is tremendously important within the community. The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation understands their patients' needs by empowering them to take ownership of their care which also reflects medi's commitment in helping their patients return to their daily activities."


Molnlycke fully support the invaluable work of The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation. We have been proud Leg Club Industry Partners since its inception in 2004. The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation not only provide a vital service that positively changes the daily lives of those with leg ulcers, their work also looks ahead at ways in which system changes can improve outcomes for their members and future members. The work of The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation is closely aligned to Mölnlycke’s vision to free patients, caregivers and healthcare systems from the burden of wounds.

Smith & Nephew

"Smith & Nephew are proud to work in partnership with the Leg Club Foundation and support the continued efforts to improve the lives of those patients and their families suffering daily with leg ulceration.  The Leg Club Foundation brings more than just clinical support, as its work transcends into the wider community and the emotional support required to improve patients lives."


"Urgo Medical are very proud to be supporting the Lindsey Leg Club Foundation through charitable funding and the individual leg clubs via wound healing education and product usage knowledge. We share a common vision in extending the best care possible to patients/members and achieving superior outcomes."