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URGO Medical

URGO Medical has been supplying Wound Care products in the UK since 2002.

The UK branch of this French company, situated in Leicestershire, prides itself on delivering high quality, innovative and sophisticated products and offers a complete wound healing solutions portfolio. 

URGOKTwo® is their exclusive compression bandage system, clinically proven to be as safe and effective as 4-layer. To complete their compression range.

​Altiform British Standard stockings are designed for post-VLU treatment and Altipress® Advanced Leg Ulcer Treatment Hosiery Kit offers a practical and discreet alternative to bandage systems, providing self-care options and saving application time.

URGO's product portfolio also includes URGOTul® SSD, URGOClean®, URGOClean® Ag, URGOStart®, URGOTul®, and URGOTul® Absorb Border providing a treatment option for all wound types.

URGO Medical’s commitment to the extensive clincal research carried out into wound healing and healthy skin has resulted in their product range being accredited by the British Skin Foundation.