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Leg Club Approach
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Aims & Benefits
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Setting up a leg club
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Compendium of practice
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Department of health policies
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Our partners courses
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Relevant papers

EWMA Resources

The European Wound Management Association (EWMA) works in cooperation with many national and international organisations, with the aim of increasing data collection, quality of evidence, implementation of knowledge and development of education within wound management.
In addition to the literature and documents EWMA produces, as an umbrella organisation to wound management groups across Europe, it is a gateway to a vast range of resources. Through the EWMA website access to the most current information, thought leadership, best practice and clinical developments in European wound care is available.
Furthermore, the EWMA Conference Knowledge website offers access to abstracts, posters and selected webcasts from the EWMA conferences. The site opened in 2016 and so presently only resources from the EWMA 2016 Conference in Bremen are available, but future EWMA conferences material will be added, and gradually older material will also be added to the site.

All documents are available for free download from their website or to read online. These documents can be found here