The Leg Club Approach: Aims & Objectives


  • To deliver research based wound management care in a friendly, non-threatening social environment.
  • Provide an environment for staff development and a teaching resource for research based wound management.
  • Provide continuity of care and a co-ordinated approach to its delivery.
  • Adopt a simple flexible ‘drop in’ approach that encourages attendance for information and advice, facilitating early diagnosis and education.
  • Minimise recurrence by systematic post-monitoring and ‘well leg’ checks.
  • Achieve compliance to treatment through informed beliefs and modified behaviour. 


  • To empower individuals to become stakeholders in their own treatment, promoting sense of ownership and involvement.
  • Meet the social needs of isolated patients by providing a mechanism for social interaction, empathy and peer support.
  • Rebuild patient’s self-esteem and self-respect by de-stigmatising their condition.
  • Facilitate an informal support network.
  • Provide an informal forum for health promotion and education.