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EssityEssity aims to provide an integrated therapy-driven approach – grounded in a broad portfolio of products, enhanced by insights into current therapeutic areas and complimented by a progressive approach to partnerships.

Essity is a global leader in Vascular and Woundcare, Lymphology and non-invasive Orthopaedic products. Distinctive innovations with formidable technological competencies in cross-functional scientific disciplines – not to mention strong and committed healthcare partnerships with medical professionals and patients – naturally positions Essity as an integrated therapy solutions provider.

One of the greatest challenges facing today’s medical professionals in managing CVD is complex healthcare systems. A patient may endure many therapy phases, especially when the therapy process is complicated by underlying or other health issues.

Several specialists could be seen throughout the course of therapy. Different products and brands are all considered and tried until progress is seen. The patient is then transitioned to the next therapy phase, and the cycle begins again.

Instead of product-focused healing, imagine a new culture anchored on therapy-driven solutions, with the patient at the centre. Imagine a family of best-in-class, synchronised products specifically designed to ensure seamless therapy progressions.

At Essity, even when you are facing the most severe chronic venous disease, we are right there with you. Hand in hand. Helping streamline the process, improve your outcomes and give back to your patients the quality of life they desire and deserve.

The Path towards Therapy

The first step towards treating CVD is classifying your patient’s symptoms. A well-established clinical classification system known as CEAP – Clinical, Etiology, Anatomic and Pathophysiology – was developed in 1994 by an international consensus conference, to provide uniformity in reporting, diagnosing and treating CVD.

CEAP Classification System

The CEAP classification system focusses on the clinical aspects in this publication, which ranges from C0, with no clinical or visible signs, to C6, with venous leg ulcers (VLU) present.
Essity products provide a therapy solution for all CEAP classifications. To find out more please contact your Essity Account Manager.