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Supported self-care of leg ulcers

The NHS is promoting people to become more active in their own healthcare and conditions and wound care is one of those areas where we can support this.

Historically the nurse only would change the wound dressings or compression, but we need to make sure you are at the heart of care delivery and that includes giving you all the information about your condition. By empowering people to have awareness of their leg ulcer and venous disease we can ensure supported self-care is performed safely and with all the right tools in place. Self-care can involve family members and or carers too.

Self-care procedures can include:
  • Removing of dressings
  • cleansing of the wound
  • washing and care of the skin, applying emollients
  • Applying a dressing to the wound
  • Putting compression hosiery or wraps onto the leg.
  • Keeping a diary or journal of progression or deterioration. Thoughts and feeling, goals and aims to work towards with the healthcare professional.
Keeping a healthy lifestyle with exercise, good diet and fluid intake and motivational activities for positive mental health and well-being are all part of self-care.