Varcose Veins

The valves in the veins can fail and the veins then become engorged.  That is a varicose vein.  It can be internal in the leg or prominent outside of the leg. 

if a leg ulcer is present, a varicose vein can often be traced down the leg into the area of the ulcer.  If the varicose vein is treated, he wound will often heal naturally.  it used to be that veins were stripped.  Today, the veins are more likely to be injected or lasered which is kinder and does not have the associated problems of surgery.
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Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) occurs when the blood is viscous and mobility is poor and the blood clots in the vein.  If the birth pill or HRT is being taken, the blood is more likely to be viscous.  Add to that a long haul flight and the dehydration such a trip causes, then there is a high possibility of a DVT.  The surgeon, Mr John Scurr, identified that 10% of people n a long haul flight will develop a deep vein thrombosis.  Most will naturally break the clots down when they begin to moblise. Others will not know they have a DVT but the pressure that is caused in the vein may damage the valves. 

During the early part of last century, women who gave birth were kept on bed rest for 2 weeks.  Many developed a condition called 'white leg' which was actually a deep vein thrombosis.  It is possible that many of those mothers, now in their 80s and 90s, are developing venous leg ulcers because of the 'white leg' caused in their youth.
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