What is Compression Therapy?

Compression therapy takes many forms which all do a similar thing, and that is to squeeze the veins in the legs to prevent the blood from returning to the feet.

Compression bandages is the most common method of treatment. This requires a clinician to apply the bandage to a specific pressure. Carers and patients can be taught to apply the bandages as well. however, they are often seen as a nuisance as people cannot easily bathe, swim or get their high heels on.

Compression wraps are excellent, as it gives the patient full independence to take them off for bathing. However, these are very expensive and not supplied in every area.

Compression hosiery are also excellent as it gives complete freedom to apply then, take them off at night and to bathe. However, they are difficult to apply if full compression is used, particularly if dexterity is a problem due to arthritis etc.

There is a simple answer when hosiery cannot be applied independently and that is to have simple liners, which are fairly easy to pull on, and then to apply one or two more layers of liners over top. The several layers increase the compression and can be effective.

Any compression is better than no compression.
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